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Collection news: New Films on Demand titles

Wed, 11/05/2014 - 11:58 -- Kelly Bradish

Watch and learn with new titles from Films on Demand!

More than 200 items were recently added to this streaming video collection. We've listed some of them below.

You can view the entire Films on Demand collection on this page.

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Recent Films on Demand additions

  • 3D Printing Saves Babies' Lives
  • Autism Sibling Connection
  • Ebola: The Search for a Cure
  • Electricity Zaps Skin Cancer Tumors
  • Fitness as Young Adult Can Preserve Brain in Middle Age
  • In Google We Trust
  • Ken Burns: The Address
  • Killer Typhoon
  • Liquid Tracers Outsmart Thieves
  • Lyme Disease: The Silent Epidemic
  • Making Drugs Just for Pets
  • One World Trade Center: Super Skyscrapers
  • Preschoolers Outsmart Adults
  • Preventing a Hack Attack on Pacemakers
  • Wild Canada: Ice Edge
  • Alien Planets Revealed
  • Bill Clinton: Commander in Chief
  • Chronobiology: How Our Body Clock Works
  • The Comedies with Joely Richardson: Shakespeare Uncovered
  • Comet Encounter
  • Digital Memory Gatekeepers
  • The Education of Michelle Rhee
  • The Ghost Army
  • Ground Zero Supertower
  • Iceland: Living with Volcanoes
  • Komatsu: Raw to Ready
  • Lincoln @ Gettysburg
  • The Retirement Gamble
  • Richard Nixon: Commander in Chief
  • Rise of the Drones
  • The Seeker: The Life of Muhammad
  • Silicon Valley
  • Space Shuttle Columbia: Mission of Hope
  • Tibet: Worlds Together
  • Anne Braden: Southern Patriot
  • Fixing Our Food Habits: Eat, Cook, Love
  • In Search of Dan Cooper
  • Killer Drones And Secret Wars
  • The Lost City of Atlit Yam
  • Marketing to Global Consumer: Global Business
  • Me? Have a Baby? Preconception Health
  • The New Conquistadors
  • The Polar Explorer
  • Hunger in a World of Plenty
  • Message to Health Care Professionals: Teen Pregnancy
  • The Obesity Epidemic
  • The Real Avatar
  • Salt Matters  
  • Big Government Is Stifling the American Spirit: A Debate
  • Chemerical
  • VSI: Vaccination Scene Investigation
  • Franchise Fame and Fortune
  • Mr. Philadelphia: The Story of Albert M. Greenfield
  • Responding to Outbreaks
  • The Salton Sea: A Desert Saga
  • Terra Antarctica - Rediscovering The Seventh Continent: Oceans 8
  • Watershed Revolution
  • A New Era of Preparedness
  • One Man One Cow One Planet
  • Bulgaria's Abandoned Children
  • Crude Awakening: Alberta's Oil Patch
  • Discovering Masterpieces of Classical Music
  • Voices from The Islam Center: Islam vs Islamists
  • Me Tarzan, You Jane
  • The Hero (O Heroi)
  • Arlit: Deuxieme Paris
  • The Bilby Brothers
  • Guardians Of Aldabra
  • El Dorado
  • Skin Deep: Race and Ethnicity on Campus
  • Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice