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Fairmont State University Faculty Awards and Grants 2021-2022: Falcon Grant

Past Winners

Denice Kirchoff (2009-2010)

Amanda Beafore (2010-2011)

Rebecca Giorcelli (2011-2012)

Elizabeth Savage (2012-2013)

Jeremy Price (2013-2014)

Rhonda Sanford (2014-2015)

Daniel Eichenbaum (2015-2016)

Susan Cato-Chapman (2016-2017)

Nathan Myers (2017-2018)

Marcus Fisher (2018-2019)

Christy Haney (2020-2021)

Foundation Fellow Award Rubric

Foundation Fellow Award Submissions

Please submit your application for the Foundation Fellow Award as a PDF or Word attachment to



Foundation Fellow Award

The Fairmont State University Foundation Fellow Program is open to all full-time faculty members at Fairmont State University.

An honorarium

Application Process
Applicants must submit a completed application form and a proposal by the deadline.  The application form is the questionnaire at the left of the screen.

Proposal Objectives
Applicants are encouraged to design activities, projects, or programs which will contribute to their own professional development, benefit their students, and align with the mission of Fairmont State University.

Proposal Format
Proposals by applicants should include the following:

  • A precise description of the nature and purpose of the project with the supporting materials;
  • Applicant’s previous achievements and funding;
  • A concrete explanation of the specific benefits that the faculty member, students, university, and/or community will derive from the proposed activity;
  • A calendar of the activities in which the faculty member will engage, including a proposed date of completion;
  • A letter from the Dean, Associate Dean or Department Chair indicating that the proposal has been discussed and that possible ramifications for the school have been considered;
  • A detailed budget.

Submit finished applications to the appropriate institution using submission box on the left.

Application Deadline
January 10, 2021

Selection Criteria
The Faculty Development Committee will notify each applicant when the proposal is received by the committee. The Faculty Development Committee will consider each proposal carefully, per the Rubric posted, and forward a recommendation to the Provost and to the President. The recommendation will then be forwarded to the Executive Committee of the Foundation for final approval. The award is announced during the spring semester.

Recipient Responsibilities
The activity must be only that described in the proposal and must occur during the period specified in the announcement of the award. The grantee must submit a six-month progress report and a final report of no more than five pages that explains specifically the accomplishments of the project and includes a detailed accounting of the expenditure of funds. A mid-year progress report is to be submitted to the committee by December 15 and a final report by April 15 of the year following the announcement of the award. The committee chair will provide copies for the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the President, and the Foundation. Grantees may be called upon to make presentations relative to the activities for which they received funding.