Fairmont State University Library


How to Scan an Image or Document from Microfilm

The computer and the Minolta microfilm reader must be off before you begin.

  1. Turn on the Minolta microfilm reader - locate the on/off green switch on the side of the machine.
  2. Turn on computer and log in using your login ID or UCA, and password
  3. Load microfilm - ensure that the microfilm reader is positioned for a microfilm roll. Note directions on the reader for loading microfilm.
  4. Search microfilm for the image or document to scan and save. The image or document should be centered in the middle of the screen and fit within the lines on the screen. The computer will scan the information that appears within these lines.
  5. Go to the computer and double click on the Microfilm Scanner Utility Icon, located on the desktop. The Minolta Sample TWAIN Application will appear.
  6. Go to File in the upper left hand corner
  7. From the drop down menu under File, click on Acquire Tiff File
  8. A dialog box will appear. Click on Save to save images or documents to a temporary folder. Or, designate a different location for the image or document by changing the location from the drop down menu in the dialog box, and click save.
  9. A second dialog box will appear - Minolta MS Series Scanner Set-up.
  10. Click Scan to scan the image or document that you have showing on the microftlm reader screen.
  11. The image will be saved as a .tif (tiff) in the location that was selected. (see #8).
  12. The .tif (tiff) image is ready to be printed or attached to an e-mail (see below).
  13. When fmished, unload microfilm from the reader and return the film.
  14. Shut down the computer and turn off the microfilm reader.

Attaching a scanned microfilm image or document to an e-mail

  1. Double click on Internet Explorer.
  2. Access your e-mail.
  3. Create a new message.
  4. Click on the attachment link or icon.
  5. Browse the computer to access the location of the saved .tif (tiff) image or document.
  6. Click attach or insert
  7. Confirm that the image or document is attached. An icon or message will appear below the subject line of the e-mail.
  8. Compose e-mail and send.