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Celebration of Student Scholarship: Poster Session

Enjoy student presentations by choosing any of the links, found below.  Each presentation is given in a slideshow, which includes audio and/or video of the presenter(s) giving their presentation.  They are posters displaying student research with explanations by presenters.  Each poster is given as a single-slide presentation, lasting 5-7 minutes.

Questions for Presenters

The format adopted this year allows presenters and their audience to interact in an asynchronous fashion: 

  • If you have any questions to ask or comments to offer during a presentation, you must first create a free VoiceThread account (click here, using a non-FSU email account).
  • Once you open a presentation, use the 'sign in' button at the top right to log-in with your VoiceThread account (if aren't already signed in).
  • To ask questions or make comments during a presentation, you can choose the point in the presentation you want to add your question or comment, and then click the '+ Comment' button near the button-center of the presentation's screen to add a question or comment in any of a variety of formats. 
  • The presenter will be notified that you have posted a question or comment, allowing them to post their own response.  You will be notified by email once the presenter has responded.  (In any email from VoiceThread notifying you of responses being posted, you can manage notifications or even cancel them, if you like.)
Posters (in alphabetical order, by last name)

​Jeff Andrews, Falah Almutairi, and Maya Gentilozzi, Falcon Scheduling Application for Fairmont State University

Click to view presentation:

The Falcon Scheduling Application is designed to support semester scheduling within the School of Business & Aviation at Fairmont State University. The application automates the scheduling process between faculty members, Chair, and Dean by electronically processing requests for upcoming semester schedules. Faculty members either accept the previous schedule or submits a schedule change request. Alerts are provided regarding room and time conflicts. The Chair or Dean may view the overall schedule or filter by a specific faculty member, course number, room, or day/time. This work is a result of the Information Systems Management and Computer Science collaborative capstone experience.

Major: Information Systems Management -- Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Giorcelli 

Steven Boston, Testing food samples for the presence of GMOs

Click to view presentation:

The presence of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food are controversial. This has resulted in products being advertised as free of GMOs, and some countries requiring labelling of GMOs. To test for the presence of GMOs in some common foods, DNA was extracted. The isolated DNA was then amplified via PCR using primer pairs designed to amplify common transgenic sequences. The products were then were run out on an agarose gel and visualized using a UV dye. The gel image was captured using a UV imager. This protocol allows for the determination of the presence of GMOs in food products.

Major: Biology -- Faculty Mentor: Rachel Cook

Logan Davis, Chase McFadden, and Norah Alsubaie, GreenBank Observatory Science Public Outreach Team (SPOT) App

Click to view presentation:

The project goal was to create an iPhone version of an existing Android application used by the West Virginia Science Public Outreach Team (SPOT) at Greenbank Observatory. The Android application provides an automated system of authentication, notification, communication, geographical mapping, analysis, and scheduling for school teachers and SPOT ambassadors. Several technical difficulties were encountered during project execution. A significant lesson learned from this project was managing scope changes with the sponsors once problems arose. This project work was completed through the collaborative capstone course between Information Systems Management and Computer Science students. Students worked directly with sponsors from Greenbank Observatory.

Major: Information Systems Management -- Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Giorcelli 

Candela Sevilla Gutiérrez, Modernism and Ruben Dario

Click to view presentation:

In this project you will find a detailed study of modernism and the work of Rubén Darío. From the desire for Latin American intellectual independence, to the legacy of Darío's work, this study focuses on the reason why Latino authors wanted to innovate their literature. After mentioning the modernist predecessor movements and their failed attempts, the modernist movement is explained in detail and the causes for which it stood out. The authors who were most influential in this movement and the life and work of the poet Darío and his impact on society are treated.

Major: English and Spanish -- Faculty Mentor: Laura Guglani

Katelyn Hollar, Antoine Walker, Nawaf Alumatairi, SMS Mom – Reminder Notification Application

Click to view presentation:

SMS Mom is a software application that allows users the ability to send reminders to others notifying them of important upcoming events. The sender can set up reminders for children, friends, or clients to prevent them from missing important deadlines and appointments. The application is created for universal use for a variety of tasks and reminders such as parents sending reminders to children to do homework or brush their teeth, schedule medication reminders for an elderly family member, or send appointment reminders to clients.  This work is a result of the Information Systems Management and Computer Science collaborative capstone experience.

Major: Information Systems Management -- Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Giorcelli

Alicia Johnson and Alexander Pane, Woodlawn Historical Locator

Click to view presentation:

The purpose of this project is to assist visitors to the Woodlawn Cemetery in Fairmont, WV by providing an application to locate historical figures and monuments within the cemetery.  This work is a result of the Information Systems Management and Computer Science collaborative capstone experience. The project team worked with a sponsor from the Woodlawn Cemetery Board who described the current process as time consuming and tedious. Providing a GPS-based application resolves this issue and is predicted to increase foot traffic.  Application features include visitor profiles, saved searches, dates visited, and access to the figure’s/site's records provided by Woodlawn board-members.  

Major: Information Systems Management -- Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Giorcelli

Olivia Roby, Humidity and its effect on the frog skin microbiome

Click to view presentation:

The frog skin microbiome is made up of both its mucus membrane and the symbiotic bacteria that live on and in their skin.  Humidity can affect the bacteria living on it if it goes above or below the livable range, between 50%-70% for most species. It was hypothesized that a lower than livable humidity would kill off the bacteria sooner than a higher level. By placing frogs in different humidity levels and observing their bacterial cultures it has been observed so far that lower humidity has a negative effect on the bacteria living on the frogs.  

Major: Biology -- Faculty Mentor: Rachel Cook

Tyler Sine, The association between high density lipoprotein (HDL) and the increase of glucose transport induced by acute exercise

Click to view presentation:

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the rate of exercise-induced glucose uptake and its relationship with lipid profiles. Subjects participated in a two-day test where blood glucose, HDL, and triglycerides were accessed. Participants ingested 50 grams of glucose on both days. One day included 30 minutes of exercise while the next contained rest. Exercise increased the rate of glucose transport. Resting levels of glucose transport were associated with triglyceride levels but not HDL. Glucose uptake levels with exercise were associated with HDL. In conclusion, exercise accelerates glucose transport rates, and HDL levels might be associated with this process.

Major: Exercise Science -- Faculty Mentor: Julia M. dos Santos

Morgan Thomas, Nate LeFevre, Kaleb Johnson, Chris Gum, Dezirea Boore, FBI Workspace Reservation Application

Click to view presentation:

The goal of the FBI Workspace Reservation project was to develop a software application to provide remote workers the ability to reserve onsite workspaces. Due to COVID, the Clarksburg FBI facility moved almost 50% of staff to remote locations. One hundred workstations are available at the FBI campus for reservation. The reservation application also includes the ability to report technical issues with onsite workstations and track employees exposed to COVID 19. This work is a result of the Information Systems Management and Computer Science collaborative capstone experience. The project team members worked directly with sponsors at the FBI CJIS facility.

Major: Information Systems Management -- Faculty Mentor: Rebecca Giorcelli

Tafara Ushendibaba, Brittany Fittro, and Mohammad Alhomaidani, Development of a MedTracker System for the Student Health Center

Click to view presentation:

The project goal was to create a medication inventory tracking system for the Student Health Center of Fairmont State University. The current process used is a manual paper-based file system. This approach makes it difficult for staff members to easily locate expired or recalled medications that have been distributed to multiple students. The MedTracker software application project provides a database system to make accessing students files and managing inventory more efficient and effective. This work is a result of a collaborative project between the BISM 4800 Information Systems Project Management and BISM 3800 Object-Oriented Programming courses.

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Rebecca Giorcelli 

Cassandra Whitlatch, Correlation of a genetic mutation with the ability to taste phenylthiocarbamide

Click to view presentation:

The main purpose of this research is to develop a more modern techniques for determining the genetics of someone as it relates to the phenotype. This is accomplished with the use of DNA sequencing with restrictive enzyme analysis on the genetic analyzer.  Results of the project and suggestions for the future will be shared during this presentation.

Major: Forensic Science -- Faculty Mentor: Mark R. Flood