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Celebration of Student Scholarship: Welcome!

Each year, undergraduate students at Fairmont State University have the opportunity to present their research and creative efforts. Student work appearing here has been nominated by faculty members. This year's event will be held in a virtual format. (Hopefully, next year's event will resume the traditional face-to-face format!)

This year, each student presentation is given in a slideshow, which includes audio and/or video of the presenter giving their presentation. Advance any slideshow (using the arrows near the button of the presentation's page) at your leisure. Each student presentation falls under either of two categories:

  • Student Talks:  Here you'll find extended presentations of research or creative efforts. They are given as multiple-slide presentations, lasting 12-15 minutes.
  • Poster Session: Here you'll find posters displaying research results with accompanying explanations. They are given as single-slide presentations, lasting 5-7 minutes.

Visit the pages for Student Talks and the Poster Session for links to student presentations.  

Questions for Presenters

The format adopted this year allows presenters and their audience to interact in an asynchronous fashion: 

  • If you have any questions to ask or comments to offer during a presentation, you must first create a free VoiceThread account (click here, using a non-FSU email account).
  • Once you open a presentation, use the 'sign in' button at the top right to log-in with your VoiceThread account (if aren't already signed in).
  • To ask questions or make comments during a presentation, you can choose the point in the presentation you want to add your question or comment, and then click the '+ Comment' button near the button-center of the presentation's screen to add a question or comment in any of a variety of formats. 
  • The presenter will be notified that you have posted a question or comment, allowing them to post their own response.  You will be notified by email once the presenter has responded.  (In any email from VoiceThread notifying you of responses being posted, you can manage notifications or even cancel them, if you like.)


This year's event was organized by a committee comprised of the following faculty members:

  • J. Robert Baker
  • Rebecca Cepek
  • Julia Dos Santos
  • Rebecca Giorcelli
  • Laura Guglani
  • Matthew Hokom
  • Nathaniel Myers
  • Robin Payne
  • Adam Podlaskowski (Committee Chair)

Student Talks

The following students are giving digital talks.  Proceed to the Student Talks page for titles, abstracts, and links to their talks.

  • Abbey Ammons
  • Zachary Arthur
  • Jacob Branch
  • Joren Cloutier
  • Avery Clutter
  • Jamison Crawford
  • Emma Delk
  • Emily Fisher
  • David Huffman
  • Haley N. Ice
  • Taylor Kennedy
  • Megan Martin
  • Madeline Puppos
  • Allison Quigley
  • Carlos Serrano
  • Molly Simpson
  • Kassy Slack
  • Joleigh Sollars
  • Kaitlin Webber
  • Mia Yeager

Poster Sessions

The following students are participating in the virtual poster session.  Proceed to the Poster Session page for titles, abstracts, and links to their talks.

  • Metab Almutairi, Jason Miller, and Japheth Tesfaye
  • Mychaela Antill
  • Patricia Best
  • Noah Bragg, Justin Brown, and Skeeter Murray
  • Mackenzee Buck
  • Jakob Cousin, Jack Layman, and Samuel Wilson
  • Karlie Deboard
  • Sarah Glover
  • Chris Griffith
  • Chad McCann II, Josh Messe, and Michael Richmond
  • Samantha O’Brien
  • Priscila Richmond
  • Tyler Sine
  • Ella Wilson

Enjoy the Celebration of Student Scholarship!