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Library Instruction/Room Request

Library Instruction Overview

* An overview of library instruction, types of instruction, and scheduling

Library Instruction Request & Facility Reservation

Please check the calendars below and make sure the room you need is available.

* If you need library instruction, please use library instruction request form.

* If you don't need library instruction, please use library facility reservation request form.

This request form must be submitted two weeks in advance.

A librarian will contact you to confirm your request and our availability.

A Note About MMA / MMB (Multimedia Rooms A & B) :
Multimedia Rooms A & B reservations are handled through the campus online reservation system. Those affiliated with Fairmont State or Pierpont can log in here and submit their requests. 

Hupp Skylab Middle Floor e-Classroom TabLab
On-Campus Instruction Off-Campus Instruction Caperton

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