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About: Gifts and Donations

Gifts and Donations

The Libraries of Fairmont State welcome gifts of books and other information resources that extend and complement existing collections.

Gift Materials Desired

The Libraries accept materials that enhance the strength of the collections and support the instructional and research programs of the colleges. Desirable gift materials include recently published scholarly monographs in subjects collected by the Libraries; well-preserved copies of technical reports, foreign language publications in Spanish and French, rare books and special editions of known works; and primary source material (e.g. manuscripts, archives, and correspondence) that furthers the research and instructional mission of the institutions.

Because of the high cost of storage and processing, the Libraries are unable to accept and house all offers of donation. Materials which fall outside the libraries' collecting policy include:

• Textbooks published more than five years ago
• Popular magazines
• Scattered or single issues of periodicals
• Materials in poor condition
• Titles the libraries already own (unless duplicate copies of high use items are desired)
• Outdated, superseded titles

The Libraries will accept all materials, but with the understanding that they may be shared with other libraries or disposed of as seen fit.

Conditions of Acceptance

Gifts are accepted with the understanding that they become the property of Fairmont State upon receipt, and that the Libraries may make all necessary decisions as to their retention, location, cataloging treatment, and other considerations relating to their use and disposition. The Libraries' intention in accepting gifts is that they be added to the collection if needed.

Materials not added to the Libraries' collections may be exchanged with other libraries throughout the world to obtain other materials otherwise unavailable, or may be placed in a location for students and faculty to take as they seek to build their own personal collections.

Gifts of Money

Gifts of money to purchase books or other materials are also welcome. All such gifts are accepted in consultation with the Fairmont State Foundation and with the Library Director. This will allow the funds to be credited to the appropriate library fund. A special fund may be established for large gifts, while smaller, one-time gifts will be expended for the designated purpose with appropriate recognition of the donor.

Gift Form (in PDF -- This is not an electronic form. Please print a copy.)