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Walkability: Reading Context

Fairmont State University, the college “on the hill” and Fairmont, WV are an ideal location for students to explore the many sub-disciplines and aspects of urban geography, the study of cities and urban processes.

Reading Context

Some readings chosen by Urban Geography students to provide context for walkability at Fairmont State University and region.

The City of Fairmont Comprehensive Plan ( 2018) Walkability Section: (p.58-61)

Mitchell Schwarzer, “Downtown: A Short History of American Urban Exceptionalism,” Places Journal, February 2016.


Sharon Zukin (1996) The Cultures of Cities.(book)

MDP SmartGrowth Manager. (2015, December 8). How Colleges are Stepping Up Campus Walkability.

Return on Investment (ROI) of Walkablity

Speck, J. (2013).  Walkable city: how downtown can save America, one step at a time . Farrar , Straus , and Giroux .    

Loh, T. H., & Leinberger, C. B. (2019, July 12). The economic power of walkability in metro areas.

Site design for multifamily housing : creating livable, connected neighborhoods (book)

Boyle, A., Barrilleaux, C., & Scheller, D. (2014). Does walkability influence housing prices? Social Science Quarterly, 95(3), 852-867. doi:10.1111/ssqu.12065


Walking : connecting sustainable transport with health 

Schneider, B., Schneider, B., & CityLab. (2019, December 27). Imagining a More Walkable Downtown Brooklyn.


"Benefits of Trails." Rails to Trails Conservancy.