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BSBA 2201-004: Principles of Accounting F18: Home

Course Description

This course covers fundamental accounting theory and procedures: organization of accounts, the accounting cycle, working papers and the preparation of financial and operating statements for proprietorships

Course Objectives

  1. Demonstrate the steps in the accounting cycle under the accrual basis for both a service enterprise and a merchandising company
  2. Identify the principles of internal control and explain and demonstrate their application
  3. The student should be able to explain the underlying accounting concepts for recording inventory, cash, and receivables
  4. Record appropriate journal entries for acquisition, valuation and disposition of inventory, cash and receivables
  5. Prepare a single-step income statement, a multiple-step income statement, owner’s equity statement, and classified balance sheet for a sole proprietorship

Bonus Assignment

There will be a bonus assignment given worth 0-10 points.  These points will be in addition to your total points tallied at the end of the semester. This is not a required assignment. There will be a maximum ceiling of 10 points to be received for this bonus assignment.  For example: A student could get 5 points on one paper and 2 points on another one for a total of 7 bonus points. 

At some point over the semester the student is asked to do something out of the ordinary for someone besides themselves.  Examples: Volunteer time at the Soup Kitchen or service projects, taking an umbrella to Walmart on a rainy day and walking people to their cars, offering to put shopping carts away for shoppers, taking  a water bottle to a construction worker on a humid day, etc.  Once the extraordinary deed has been performed, write NO MORE than 1 page on the experience and what you learned about the person whom you helped.

Professor Mathew

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Jessica Mathew
MW 10:00-11:00am
TR 2:00- 3:00pm
F 10:00-11:00 (Virtual)