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Statistical Software Guides (JAMOVI, JASP, PSPP, and SPSS): Home

The interactive tutorials in this LibGuide will introduce students to the interfaces and basic features of statistical software packages that are available to students..


Welcome to this LibGuide of Tutorials for statistics software packages that are available to Fairmont State Students.

Please feel free to utilize the videos and worksheets to supplement your learning in Statistics and Research Methods classes. Please note that individual instructors may teach and require the use of specific techniques/tools that may or may not be covered here. Please follow your instructor's guidance and use the tools on this LibGuide as supplements (not as substitutes).

The tutorials for different software are organized into tabs, each of which cover the same basic statistical techniques. 

  • Each tab contains software-specific tutorials to introduce interfaces and basic features.
  • Instructions for accessing each program are provided along with a mock survey and dataset, so students can follow along as they watch each video.
  • Worksheets with video checklists and application activities have been provided so students can track their progress and practice what they are learning.

Programs currently covered in this LibGuide include:

The creation of the basic tutorials for JAMOVI, JASP, PSPP, and SPSS was funded by a Falcon Mini-Grant from the Fairmont State Foundation. The authors of the videos will update and add based on student feedback, evolving criteria for behavioral science, availability of new software, and innovations in statistical procedures.