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Celebration of Ideas Lecture Series: Morris Morrison

The Celebration of Ideas Lecture Series at Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community & Technical College brings nationally prominent speakers of diverse viewpoints to campus.

About Morris Morrison

As part of the Celebration of Ideas Lecture Series and as part of Homecoming 2011 at Fairmont State University and Pierpont Community & Technical College, Morris Morrison spoke on campus in October 2011.

Morrison, a 2002 graduate of Fairmont State, was born in New York City. Shortly after his birth, he was left orphaned by the death of his mother and father due to drugs, alcohol and a life lived in the streets of New York. Morrison grew up in a community where drug and alcohol abuse was prevalent and where many people were faced with difficult circumstances to overcome. 

Despite the challenges that Morrison faced at an early age, he continued to stay focused, driven and passionate about being successful in life—placing personal leadership and education high on his list of priorities. He received a bachelor's degree in psychology from Fairmont State and a master's degree in business from West Virginia University. Upon completion of graduate school, he was selected to further his educational and business experience as a management associate in BB&T University's Management Development Program, the top Management Development Program in the financial services industry.

Morrison's drive, ambition and genuine love for motivating others continue to keep him focused on growing each day, pursuing his dreams and helping others grow through his experiences. Today, he engages and inspires his audiences as he shares the personal leadership strategies that enabled him to persevere through life's early challenges. 

His is a true life success story that's only just begun. In addition to becoming a highly sought-after motivational speaker and leadership development professional, Morrison is also busy publishing his first book. Audience members agree that Morris Morrison's motivational leadership programs illustrate two very important points: everyone has a unique life story, equipped with its own challenges and adversity, but it's the application of your individual gifts and personal leadership that will help you to unleash your true potential. (Source: FSUNow)