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BISM1200     Introduction to Computing


BISM 1200 Course Documents

BISM 1200 Description

This course provides an overview of the current state of computing and its social implications. Topics include organization of a computer system, examination of computing disciplines, social implications of computing, problem solving using productivity software applications, and investigations of emerging areas in the computing field.

Each student will identify the concepts and terminology necessary for MIS.

Assessed by Examinations

·         How to identify and recall fundamental computing terminology.

·         How to compare and contrast the roles and responsibilities of professionals within computing specific disciplines and how these are applied across non-computing disciplines.

Assesses by Projects/Assignments

·         How to use productivity software applications, including word processing, spreadsheet development and analysis, presentation supplementary material development and project scheduling and tracking.

·         How to analyze a variety of problems as related to computing and present results through oral and written forms of communication.