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Margaret Atwood: Liberation and Identification

by Jamie Shultz on 2023-04-19T13:58:41-04:00 in Biography, Fine Arts and Humanities, Literature | 0 Comments

 Margaret Atwood (1939- )

"Better never means better for everyone...It always means worse for some."

"In the end, we'll all become stories."

"Men are afraid that women will laugh at them. Women are afraid that men will kill them."

"If I waited for perfection I would never write a word."

"A rat in a maze is free to go anywhere, as long as it stays inside the maze."

Wikipedia: Margaret Atwood

Films on Demand: Margaret Atwood: Once in August

The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood
Call Number: PR9199. 3. A8 H3 1986
ISBN: 9780395404256
Publication Date: 1986
Oryx and Crake by Margaret Atwood
Call Number: PR9199. 3. A8 079 2003
ISBN: 9780385503853
Publication Date: 2003
Margaret Atwood by Barbara Hill Rigney
Call Number: PR9199. 3. A8 Z84 1987
ISBN: 9780389207429
Publication Date: 1987

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