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BSN Writing Tutorial: Home

This guide is intended to assist the BSN student with writing throughout the program.


Many students struggle with writing, or have been out of school for several years and desire a "writing refresher."  The faculty in the BSN program recognize this need and have developed this site to help our students be successful in their writing.

This guide will link to several other sites that will assist you with the writing process.  It is our recommendation that you review this site upon entrance to the BSN program.  If you continue to have difficulty with writing, then make an appointment to see your instructor or advisor.  He or she will be happy to assist you with your writing and/or link you to other resources that may be beneficial. 

Below is a list of content that will be covered in this guide:

  • General overview of developing an essay (ESL online writing workshop)
  • Types of essays (The Essay Zone)
  • Basics of Writing (Grammar Essentials)
  • Avoiding plaigarism
  • Selecting Sources
  • Writing in APA format
  • Writing Research Papers

We understand that each student comes to our program with unique needs.  If you feel that you are strong in some areas of writing, then you may not need to review all of the content in this guide.  You may want to pick and choose areas in which you do not feel comfortable. If you have been away from writing for a while, then it may be beneficial to proceed through the entire guide.  Also, be aware that the APA manual that is required for this program is an excellent source for not only APA style, but for basic grammar as well.

One more thing to remember as you proceed through this tutorial; the information provided is intended for general use.  Your course instructor may have specific instructions that he/she wants you to follow when you write a paper.  Always refer to the assignment description and grading rubric when developing your paper.