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Community Health degree program at Fairmont State University: Meet Community Health Majors

What it means to major in Community Health?

Outstanding Student Achievement

Student Awards

2021 Brice Haines Outstanding Community Health Student Award
2020 Mariah Wilson Outstanding Community Health Student Award
2019 Stephanie Viekman Health & Human Performance Promising Scholar
2017 Candice Travis Outstanding Community Health Student Award
2016 Nicole Bland Outstanding Student in Health and Human Performance


Cassidy's Internship


Quotes from Community Health Students and Alumni
Professors at Fairmont State WANT their students to exceed and are helpful. In the Community Health program, you will get the individualized attention you deserve and the encouragement to succeed not only in the program but in all courses and in life. As a Community Health alum, I can truly say that the students and faculty become your family and your biggest supporters.
It took me four major changes to find my forever home in the Community Health world. This major will open up a new perspective on the overall issues and well-being of individuals, families, communities, and populations.
Dr. Leary has built an amazing program and will support you every step of your journey. Trust me, I have spent countless hours in her office getting educational and personal support! I would 100% recommend becoming a Community Health major, you will not regret it.
There are jobs EVERYWHERE for Community Health graduates. The job titles may not say community health but there are jobs out there. Searching social services, human services, and medical turned up some good listings.
Beyond the Community Health degree, there are other certificates that you can earn. Becoming a National Certified Health Education Specialist has not only increased my knowledge, but it has helped aid me in my job search/hiring, as well as salary. If you truly want to be part of a community, help people, and have a desire to make a change, the Community Health program will help you achieve those goals.