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Fairmont State University's GIS & Geography Awareness Week: Home

A Student-Led Project of the GIS Lab and Geographic Information Science (GIS) Minor housed in the College of Liberal Arts


Welcome to Fairmont State University's GIS & Geography Awareness Week 

-- Celebrate Virtually for 52 weeks!



Help Fairmont State University celebrate the rich knowledge and practice of geography to ensure that more people know their world - and make effective decisions, understand geo-spatial issues, or help others learn about geo-literacy and the real-world applications of GIS that are making a difference in our society.

Fairmont State University is an officially registered event site for International GIS Day, National Geographic's Geography Awareness Week, and an American Association of Geographers #GEOWEEK.

The GIS Minor at Fairmont State wants to thank the many organizations and individuals who have contributed to this on-going public celebration of geospatial literacy. Fairmont State University students including a student-led project team, and many faculty, staff, alumni, and community members have worked all semester towards creating a campus and community experience. 

Dr. MacLennan

Fairmont State University Events

Please watch this space for our upcoming events, campus and community Map-a-Thon, GIS Lab Exploratory Days, and more... 

  • Fairmont State University Geography and GIS Awareness Lib Guide  
    • Check out our virtual events on the Fairmont State University Geography and GIS Awareness LibGuide
  • Fairmont State University Campus and Community Citizen Science Map-a-Thon
  • Careers in GIS Panel
    • Listen to Careers in GIS Panel of West Virginia Association of Geospatial (WVAGP) professionals, WV GIS Technical Center, Fairmont University alumni and more on November 11th (11/11/2021) at 4:30- 5:30pm  
  • GIS in the Movies
    • Watch a special virtual double feature of "GIS in the Movies" Part I and II with creator Gene Del Greco, WVAGP on Tuesday November 16th at 4:30 - 6:30pm  (link in Movie Night tab)
  • Travel Across the U.S. and the World
    • Learn more about World Travel with Fairmont State University faculty and alumni  (TBA on libguide) 
  • Links and Citations

    • Shareable URL: FAIRMONTSTATE.EDU/geo-awareness-week
    • Fairmont State University is featured in the AAG GeoWeek Storymap 


Geography Awareness and GIS Day Virtual Events

Schedule of events for November 15-21, 2020
  Event with Link  

GIS Day List of Events with GIS Lounge Includes map with Fairmont State University and other WV Events


Geography Bee Kahoot! Quiz created by Fairmont State University Students 

The link lets assign the quiz



National Geographic Geography Awareness Week Events

Geographer Joseph Kerski, Our Earth Live Webcast for GIS Day 2021

GeoTech Center, National Geospatial Technology Center of Excellence GIS Day 

U.S. Library of Congress GIS Day Celebration 

Public Health Maps GIS Day 



WV Events 

WV Department of Education invites you to celebrate with the WV Geography Awareness Week and GIS Day StoryMap (Erika Klose,  WVDE STEM, GIS and Computer Science Coordinator) 


The Eastern Panhandle GIS Users Group (EPan) held their virtual meeting and made presentations available




National and International Events

U.S. Census Geography Awareness Week

Open Street Map Geography Awareness Week

National Geographic Geography Awareness Week Activities


URISA GIS Day Celebration



GIS Day - Home | Facebook

GIS is the only technology that actually integrates many different subjects using geography as its common framework. - Jack Dangermond

The story of GIS Day

This is not just an event. It's a global movement. This day brings universities, government agencies, schools, nonprofits, and GIS professionals together to build knowledge of GIS in their communities and create understanding about the world we live in.

  1. Watch Esri President Jack Dangermond talk about the meaning behind GIS Day in this video. (2021)

GIS DAY 2020: Discovering the World through GIS (A StoryMap by Esri)

WV GIS: An Education Inspiration

Listen to an interview with Erika Klose, WV Department of Education, published in Directions Magazine. Be inspired by Erika's story!

Advancing the Boundaries of Education and Science through Technology

WV GIS: Leads the Way 

Watch and interview with Marvin Davis, City of Morgantown and special achievement in GIS mapping




Learn more about our footprint using the Human Reach: Atlas the most detailed atlas of human activity or explore Mapping Our Human Footprint from Space


The image that made us see the world differently. NASA photo of Earth during the Apollo 10 mission in 1969. 

We see the world and all its facets through our geospatial lens which is a major way that humans experience awe. We see the world differently using satellite and other geospatial technologies. 

According to UC Berkeley's study of the emerging science of awe, the ultimate awe elicitor is one that few of us will be able to experience except through photos and video; the view of Earth from space.

Please watch this short video of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot using the famous NASA photo Earthrise.

Discuss: What is something that has caused you to experience awe?    




Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness Week
November 14-20, 2021

Geoliteracy has never been more vital.

This year, AAG celebrates Geography Awareness Week with the theme The Future Is Here: Geographers Pursue the Path Forward. Highlighting the many ways that geographers and geospatial professionals are anticipating and shaping a better future in their work, the week will also celebrate the contributions of students, early-career geographers, and -- you.

About Geography Awareness Week

Geography Awareness Week is an annual celebration of geography and the important role it plays in our lives. From National Geographic, creator of Geography Awareness Week:

“Each year more than 100,000 Americans actively participate in Geography Awareness Week. Established by presidential proclamation more than 25 years ago, this annual public awareness program encourages citizens young and old to think and learn about the significance of place and how we affect and are affected by it. Each third week of November, students, families and community members focus on the importance of geography by hosting events; using lessons, games, and challenges in the classroom; and often meeting with policymakers and business leaders. Geography Awareness Week is supported by access to materials and resources for teachers, parents, community activists, and all geographically minded global citizens.”


We are putting Fairmont State University on the map!

Map of GIS Day 2021 Events Around the Globe

Fairmont State University