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Fairmont State University History: Elizabeth Dickey Fleming

This resource examines the history of the Fairmont Normal School after it became a state-owned institution in 1868. This covers the period of 1868-1916 when the Fairmont Avenue campus closed and the new campus opened on Locust Avenue.

From left:  Dr. Beth Newcome, Dr. Mirta Martin, Janet Hutchison, her son Nate Joachim, her husband Robert Joachim, Dr. Raymond Alvarez and Charley Hively on Sunday April 18, 2021 when Janet Hutchison and her family brought the painting to Fairmont State from their home in Virginia.  Dr. Alvarez created the story boards, Dr. Newcome coordianted the historic costume items, and Charley Hively assisted with locating the display area, historical research and LibGuides set up for public access.





Elizabeth Dickey Fleming