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Fairmont State University School of Nursing: Pathways for Success Program-Part 2: Module 10: Study Skills

How to Study Smart

Study Skills Practice

◦For the content you are studying now or what you have a test on next, you need to
◦Pick the top 5 most important concepts
◦Consider the following questions:
◦"what is important to know as a nurse from this concept"
◦"A summary of the concepts in your own words"
◦"what does this patient look like visually"  Draw a picture, mind map, concept map of it.
◦"what nursing interventions should be utilized"
◦Write 5 test questions total, 1-2 each main concept you picked out, that you may actually see on the test covering each main concept.
◦E-mail your instructor through the Pathways Blackboard for this assignment

How to Study from a Textbook Effectively

How to Study for Nursing Examinations

Studying for Medications

Study Smarter, Not Harder