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Fairmont State University School of Nursing: Pathways for Success Program-Part 2: Module 12: Test Anxiety

Review these Power Point slides before doing the assignemnt

You may have developed a bit of anxiety over taking exams in nursing school. Don't worry!!! You can do it and MANY students get anxiety over exams! Please review the follow slideshow to look at some ways to combat that testing anxiety!!

Testing Anxiety

A helpful video for testing anxiety. You are not required to watch this.

Testing & Test Anxiety

After reviewing the slideshow, reflect on your own testing anxiety that you may have developed in nursing school. Try to use one of the methods to combat your anxiety suggested in the slideshow. Evaluate the effectiveness of the methods used to see if they helped or if you have discovered some new ways to help ease that anxiety!



Talk with your advisor.

Andrea Pammer – disability services
–317 Colebank Hall
Kat Stevens – student services counselor
–306 Colebank Hall
If documentation is provided to the course faculty from the disabilities office, we can honor testing accomodations that need to be made to help with you testing anxiety.