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WV Earth Day 2020: Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers

  • Dr. Paul Brown, emeritus professor, West Virginia University (recording on this page)
  • Stephanie DeGroot, Construction Manager, Fairmont State University (recording on this page)
  • Kelby Hall and MacKenzie Sorton, students, Fairmont State University (recording on this page)
  • Angelica Starcovic, student, Fairmont State University (recorded, see Yoga and Mindfulness)
  • Siegfried Bleher, Physics, Fairmont State University (live event, see Yoga and Mindfulness)
  • Jeannie Harrison, Wellness Coordinator, Marshall University  (live and recorded event, see Yoga and Mindfulness)
  • Sarah Starcovic and Steve Starcovic, student and family, Fairmont State University (recorded, see Gardening 101)
  • Ashley Ruza and Lindsey LaNeve, students, Fairmont State University (recorded, see Upcycling Plastic Bags)
  • West Virginia Electric Automobile Association President, Secretary, and members (live and recorded events, see Electric Vehicles)

Note: schedule of live events for April 22, 2020 (which will be recorded) is on the Home page and shown below.

Fairmont State and Marshall University Events

Schedule of live events for April 22, 2020
Times    Live Event with Link Presenter(s)
 10 am - 10:45 am

West Virginia Electric Vehicle Owners Panel - no recording available, but see Electric Vehicles page for videos by individual panelists and additional links

Robert Fernatt, Rick Walker, Erica Harvey, Cliff Jackson
11 am- noon 

Grounding Yoga and Meditation (recording of event)

Jeannie Harrison, Marshall University
1 pm - 1:45 pm

WV Earth Day Kahoot! Quiz

The link below lets assign the quiz

Barbara MacLennan, Fairmont State

1:30  pm - 2 pm Virtual Fitness - Earth Day Edition

This live link should work every weekday at 1:30 pm through May 1 if you want to try a 30 minute fitness class.

Tina Mascaro, Fairmont State

3 pm - 4 pm

Yoga and Mindfulness: Inner and Outer Environments are Not Disconnected  (recording of event)

Siegfried Bleher, Fairmont State

Paul Brown Bio


Dr. Brown is a retired professor of neuroscience from the Department of Physiology and Pharmacology at West Virginia University, and author of Notes from a Dying Planet, 2004 – 2006, and produces esamizdat, a free news feed about overpopulation, mass extinction, global warming, and the suppression of democracy and human rights. He can be reached at

Siegfried Bleher, Physics professor at Fairmont State University thanks Dr. Paul Brown for generously sharing his knowledge and experience with the audio talk “Coronavirus climate change and consumption”.

Next Year: Earth Day 2021

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