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WV Earth Day 2020: Yoga and Mindfulness

Join us for these sessions:

Yoga and Mindfulness Event Schedule
Times Event with Link Presenter
11 am- noon

Grounding Yoga and Meditation (recording of event)

Jeannie Harrison, Marshall University
3 pm - 4 pm

Yoga and Mindfulness: Inner and Outer Environments are Not Disconnected (recording of event)

Siegfried Bleher, Fairmont State
recorded Life Imitates Art: Let it Grow.   Angelica Starcovic

Marshall - Gro Nature-Based Fellowship

Gro Marshall - Earth Day Meditation

11 am - 11:50 am, Wednesday, April 22, 2020:

Celebrate the earth with a grounding yoga and meditation practice with Jeannie Harrison, the Marshall University Wellness Center Coordinator and Founder of Gro Nature-Based Fellowships.

Gro is a recovery fellowship that promotes wellness, service, and community through connection to the environment. We believe that humanity’s healing is directly and intimately interwoven with the healing of the environment.

Jeannie Harrison

Earth Day

Paying atttention to what is happening in each moment connects us to our inner and outer environments, and shows us these are not as separate as they seem.

Siegfried Bleher

Siegfried Bleher - Inner Life Studio


Yoga and Mindfulness: Inner and Outer Environments are Not Disconnected

3 - 4 pm, Wednesday, April 22, 2020

The session will be about thirty minutes of yoga stretches for stiff neck and shoulders, and stiff hips, followed by 30 minutes of meditation on the breath, sensations in the body and sounds in the environment.  You will be invited to meditate in any comfortable posture of your choice (sitting on a cushion, sitting in a chair, lying down, standing).  The aim of this session is to be present to moment-by-moment events happening inside your body and mind, as well as those entering your awareness from outside your body/mind.

Life Imitates Art - Mindfulness Activity

Earth Day Meditation (Plus Art Activity!)

Angelica Starcovic is a senior Psychology Student at Fairmont State University and a member of the Creative Sustainability Council. In her pre-recorded video, above, she guides a meditation to foster connection and compassion for the earth. After, she describes an art activity to be used to develop deeper understanding of what may have surfaced during meditation.