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Fairmont State University's GIS & Geography Awareness Week: #GeoGeekery

A Student-Led Project of the GIS Lab and Geographic Information Science (GIS) Minor housed in the College of Liberal Arts

#GeoGeekery - Atlas Obscura


Saturday's Geography Awareness Week theme is #GeoGeekery. A day to celebrate the old and the under-known, the "Atlas Obscura" of our week. Trivia, puzzles, old maps and old technologies, lore, myth, and geographical curiosities.

Atlas Obscura and Fairmont State University 

Fairmont State University Geography students have compiled and already started sending in submissions to Atlas Obscura to put Fairmont WV and Fairmont State University on the Atlas Obscura map. 

We want to change the current map to include places that Fairmont State University students associate with the university and think are Atlas Obscura worthy. 



 The Frank and Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center is on the map! Congratulations to whomever submitted it from campus or community. 

Here are more places we'd like to get on the map



Filling the Map

Watch this space for Atlas Obscura submissions. 

Fairmont State University student, Chase Taylor, submitted a submission for the WV Folklife Center 

Explore the World

Use location-based technology to explore the world and discover a new hobby. 

  • Google Maps revolutionized how the public viewed the world and the public has used it in many innovative ways
  • Use Google Earth to explore your world.
  • Explore Google Earth View a collection of the most striking satellite image photos or take your own photos.   
  • Search for buried treasure with Shipwreckology
  • *Did you know Google depends on local geospatial data? It's a world-wide group effort. F
  • Dream about new places and explore where you might live using Zillow 
  • Find your favorite food on Yelp. Did you know that our favorite foods are tied to our personal geographies such as  family and friends and experiences we've had, places we've visited?