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Fairmont State University's GIS & Geography Awareness Week: Careers and Internships

A Student-Led Project of the GIS Lab and Geographic Information Science (GIS) Minor housed in the College of Liberal Arts

Career Talks

Fairmont State University celebrates Geography Awareness Week/GIS Day! every semester. Career and Travel Talks is one of the most popular because the career panel includes Fairmont State University alumni working in the Geography and Geospatial field. 

You can participate in your own Career Talk by joining one of the Geography Awareness Week/GIS Day! activities listed or get involved in the field by joining the WV Association of Geospatial Professionals or your own local organization or become an AAG GeoMentor. Approximately 80% of all data we encounter in our lives has a spatial or location-based component. 

 “Isn’t everyone a geographer? And, what about the increasing number of professionals outside who are incorporating spatial thinking and GIS into their work—in business, history, mathematics, design, biology, engineering and other fields. Are they geographers? Do they need to be geographers?” - Joseph Kerski, 2012

Career Talks 

The AAG invites you to listen to their career webinar series.  

Geography graduates have everything it takes for success in today's workforce. Their unique mix of interdisciplinary knowledge, skills and abilities have perhaps never been more relevant. Geospatial skills are in high demand across all sectors of the workforce, from state, local and federal government, to NGOs, businesses and consulting firms large and small. But selling your skills to employers who might not understand the value of a degree in geography can be extremely challenging and frustrating. Let's face it: there just aren't many job listings out there that say "Wanted: Geographer." So where do you start?

For more information on the webinar series, visit: