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Fairmont State University Geography Awareness Guide

A student-led project project of the Campus & Community Geospatial Lab and GISC minor in the College of Liberal Arts

Games & Quizzes


I'll Take What Was Alex Trebek's Favorite Jeopardy! Category? 


"Trebek loved geography. Growing up in Sudbury, he pored over atlases and copies of National Geographic." Alexander Cohen, winner of the Canadian Geography Championship in 2011, reflects on champion of geography Alex Trebek " (Ottawa Citizen, 2020)

Try out for the Jeopardy! National College Championship Team 




SEDAAG is a regional subdivision of the American Association of Geographers. Undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in programs at institutions in the SEDAAG region and registered for SEDAAG meetings are eligible to participate in the World Geography Bowl competition. 

The spirit of geography quizzes is one of geo-literacy, lifelong learning, and friendly competition.

Above all, remember: THIS IS A GAME, NOT A TEST. Anyone can write a question nobody can answer; what's really difficult is writing a question that a good team can answer early, but most teams can readily answer at the question's end. - HOW TO WRITE A ROUND OF QUESTIONS Tom Deaton, Dalton State College


The National Geographic Society is no longer holding its iconic GeoBee in which millions of students, educators, parents, schools, and others have participated. GeoBee material is still available as National Geographic prepares for the release of new resources to develop an explorer mindset using the National Geographic Society Learning Framework.

You can recreate your own GeoBee at home and school.



Fairmont State University Geo-Quizzes 

How well do you know Fairmont State University? 


Office of International Student Services

Countries of Origin for International Students at Fairmont State University (Academic Year)

Flags of the Countries of Origin for International Students at Fairmont State University (Academic Year 2021/2022)


Clubs and Organizations

Model United Nations Competition Countries Fairmont State University



An A-Z of Geography

Try one of the map quizzes curated by students at Fairmont State University. 


Maps do more than show where things are. They also spark curiosity and prompt further questions, such as, What is nearby? Why does it look like that? And has it always been that way? from The power of maps | Learn ArcGIS)














Game Night


Participate in Geography Awareness by hosting a Geography Quiz Night or host a board game night with friends and family. Learn how to with a Geography Quiz Night guide.

Did you know that November is International Board Game Month? Find out what's happening at your local library. 


“Board games are another type of game in which geography plays a role. When you consider the physical object, board games all have a two-dimensional surface and have game pieces that move from one space to another on the board. Even if the game does not have a specific geography theme, the board game has basic geographical or spatial relationships to them.” (de Voogt, 2017)

de Voogt, A. (2017). Strategic games in society: the geography of adult play. International Journal of Play6(3), 308-318.

May the Best Player Win: Geographical Board Games of the Past (Smithsonian, 2019)


Did you know that Fairmont State University Ruth Ann Musick Library, like many local and university libraries, has a board game library and game night?  The COLA Geography and Geoscience program has donated several geography-related games to the collection.