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Fairmont State University School of Nursing: Pathways for Success Program-Part 1: Module 3: Stress Management

This guide is intended to assist nursing school students at Fairmont State University

Stress Management

Identify stressful situations in your life:

  • Family
  • Work
  •  School
  • Social life

Identify and explain your response to stressful situations:

  • Family
  • Work
  • School
  • Social life

What are some different types of responses to stress?

  • Unhealthy: get angry, throw things, curse, overeat, drink alcohol, sleep, withdraw, spend time alone, avoid the situation or persons, refuse help
  • Healthy:  go for a walk, listen to music, talk to a friend, seek help from a counselor, join a support group, exercise, read a book, meditate

Explain your response to stress

  • Reflect on whether or not this has been effective for you in the past.
  • Select a stress management style that would be more effective for you and identify how you would use it with family, work, school and in your social life.


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