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PSYC Resources for Behavioral Statistics, Research Methods, and Capstone: Home

Free Videos, Calculators, Articles, Instructions, Datasets, etc.


Welcome to the LibGuide for the sequence of methods courses associated with the Psychology Program.

Please feel free to utilize the free resources and tools to supplement your learning in Behavioral Statistics, Behavioral Research Methods, and Research Capstone. Please note that individual instructors may teach and require the use of specific techniques/tools that may or may not be covered here. Please follow your instructor's guidance and use the tools on this LibGuide as supplements (not as substitutes).

The current resources are organized in tabs and will be updated as new resources are identified. The tabs include the current tab, "Home", as well as the following:

  • Free Stats and Math Videos - From Hawkes TV
    • Organized according to the free Stats textbook from Openstax, with additional miscellaneous videos
  • SPSS and Related Software
    • Options for accessing SPSS and other installable stats packages
  • Identifying Variables and Entering Data
    • Flowcharts, instructional videos, and websites for identifying variables as
      • Quantitative or Qualitative
      • Discrete or Continuous
      • Nominal, Ordinal, or Scale/Equal-Interval (Interval and Ratio)
    • Instructional videos for entering data in SPSS
    • Coming Soon - Miscellaneous videos/pages for data entry in other programs
  • Choosing and Running Analyses
    • Flowcharts and instructional websites for selecting an appropriate statistical test based on number and types of variables
    • Instructional videos for running analyses in SPSS
    • Links to Online calculators for running individual analyses on small data sets
    • Coming Soon - Miscellaneous videos/pages for running analyses in other programs

Under Construction - More to Come

This LibGuide links to many external sources and will be updated as more resources are identified. Please report any broken links to