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PSYC Resources for Behavioral Statistics, Research Methods, and Capstone: Using PSPP for stats

Free Videos, Calculators, Articles, Instructions, Datasets, etc.

Downloading PSPP

Visit to learn about options for installing PSPP for your own computer.

Download and install the version appropriate for your operating system at .

Files to accompany the videos

1. How to access PSPP

2. Importing Data from Excel into PSPP

3. How to run Descriptives

While SPSS permits simultaneously running descriptives for multiple variable types (nominal, ordinal, or scale), only certain options are appropriate for each. To avoid confusion if you are still be learning about scales/levels of measurement, there are separate videos covering each type. You should watch them in order as each level of measurement builds on the previous:

  1. Nominal values indicate labels/categories
  2. Ordinal values indicate ordered categories or numeric rankings
  3. Scale values indicate ordered numeric quantities/amounts


4. How to run an Independent Samples t-Test

5. How to run an ANOVA (Oneway Between Subjects)

6. How to run Correlations (Bivariate Linear)