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PSYC Resources for Behavioral Statistics, Research Methods, and Capstone: Identifying Variables and Entering Data

Free Videos, Calculators, Articles, Instructions, Datasets, etc.


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After you have collected sample data, you must accurately classify each of your variables, then enter the data appropriately into a statistical software package. The tutorials on this page can help you do that and ultimately prepare your data for statistical analysis that can test hypotheses and answer research questions.


TN-Link -Flowchart for identifying variable types

For a more descriptive graphic, see this DETAILED FLOWCHART created by statistical consultant, Peter Flom.




DETAILED PROCESS - Each variable in your research must be classified as:

  1. Qualitative (categorical) or Quantitative (numeric).
  2. Discrete (relatively few values) or Continuous (infinite values on a continuum)
  3. Nominal (non-ordered categories), Ordinal (ordered values or ranked categories), or Scale/Equal-Interval (interval or ratio)



The resources that follow will help you understand the setup of the spreadsheet in SPSS (Statistical Software Package for the Social Sciences), the software package used by most professional Psychologists. The tutorials will explain the two main tab views (variable view and data view), and will illustrate how to create variables and enter data associated with a sample questionnaire.

Text and Image Based Web-page describing how to set up variables in SPSS

NOTE - Webpage has empty space at top. You will need to scroll down for content.


4-part video series on SPSS data entry - permission to link/embed for educational use provided by "Quantitative Specialists

  1. Watch Video
    SPSS Data Entry - Part 1
    Duration: 4:27
    User: Quantitative Specialists - Added: 4/21/14
  2. Watch Video
    SPSS Data Entry - Part 2
    Duration: 4:51
    User: Quantitative Specialists - Added: 4/21/14
  3. Watch Video
    SPSS Data Entry - Part 3
    Duration: 4:33
    User: Quantitative Specialists - Added: 4/21/14
  4. Watch Video
    SPSS Data Entry - Part 4
    Duration: 4:12
    User: Quantitative Specialists - Added: 4/21/14

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This LibGuide is under construction and more resources will be added as they are identified.