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Fairmont State University GeoSavvy Guide: GeoCafe


A GeoCafe is a time to together, in-person or virtual, to socialize and talk geography in a relaxed atmosphere. Engaging in "small talk" or social conversation is a great way to encourage geo-literacy through everyday conversations. 

We welcome you to participate in your own GeoCafe with friends and family or attend any of the AAG sponsored Twitter GeoCafe discussions. 

#GeographersRespond is a social media awareness hashtag to show the range, relevance, and diversity of work that geographers do. 

Interesting Topics

Are you looking for possible topics to discuss for your GeoCafe time? 

Small Talk

How to have small talk

Are you interested in learning more about "small talk" 

How Do You Say Hello? The Geography of Small Talk (The Atlantic, 2004)

How Culture Impacts Small Talk (UMN)

The Art of American Small Talk (MIT)