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Fairmont State University GeoSavvy Guide: Geography of Awe

Geography of Awe


The image that made us see the world differently. NASA photo of Earth during the Apollo 10 mission in 1969. 


Discuss: What is something that has caused you to experience awe? 

We see the world and all its facets through our geospatial lens which is a major way that humans experience awe. We see the world differently using satellite and other geospatial technologies. 

According to UC Berkeley's study of the emerging science of awe, the ultimate awe elicitor is one that few of us will be able to experience except through photos and video; the view of Earth from space.

Please watch this short video of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot using the famous NASA photo Earthrise.

Learn more about our footprint using the Human Reach: Atlas the most detailed atlas of human activity or explore Mapping Our Human Footprint from Space

The Conversation: How NASA's Blue Marble photo still inspires 


Need Inspiration? Watch a video about the impact one person can make in the world.