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Grants: Teaching Professor Conference

Teaching Professor Conference Rubric

Teaching Professor Conference Award Submissions

Please submit your application for the Teaching Professor Conference Award as a PDF or Word attachment to the appropriate institution.


Teaching Professor Conference Award Program

Full-time faculty at Fairmont State University or Pierpont Community & Technical College

Sponsored by the Center for Teaching Excellence, the award enables two faculty members to attend the upcoming conference. The total amount available is $500 per faculty member attending.

Application Process
Applicants should submit a written request to the appropriate institution using the box on the left.

Your proposal must contain the following:

  • Reasons for wanting to attend the conference;
  • A description of the specific benefits that the faculty member, students, the University, and/or the community will derive from the faculty member's having attended the conference;
  • A description of the manner in which the faculty member will share with the university community ideas, techniques, or resources acquired; and
  • A letter of support from the Dean or Chair.

Application Deadline
February 17, 2012

Selection Criteria
Applicants are rated according to the rubric.

Recipient Responsibilities
Award recipients will submit by October 1st a report to the Faculty Development Committee explaining the benefits of attending the conference, insights gained, recommendations for future faculty-development activities, and an accounting of expenditures.

Purpose & History
Offered annually by Magna Publications, this conference focuses on teaching and offers workshops and plenary sessions providing deep coverage of such topics as the scholarship of teaching; technology; teaching large classes; undergraduate research; faculty growth, resilience, and change; learning; and the pedagogies of engagement. Held the third weekend in May in a different location each year, the Teaching Professor Conference always provides excellent networking opportunities and the chance to exchange ideas over dinner in cities such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Nashville, and Atlanta.