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Grants: Great Teacher's Seminar

Great Teacher's Seminar Rubric

Great Teacher's Seminar Submissions

Please submit your application for the Great Teacher's Seminar as a PDF or Word attachment to the appropriate institution.


Great Teachers' Seminar

Any full-time faculty member at Fairmont State University or Pierpont Community & Technical College who would benefit from and contribute to the seminar should apply.

Two awards of $500 to cover room (double occupancy), all meals, special events, and all other expenses except transportation.

Application Process
Applicants should submit a written request to the appropriate institution using the submission box on the left.  Your proposal should containi the reasons the recipient would be a valuable contributor to the seminar.

Application Deadline
February 17, 2012

Selection Criteria
Applicants are rated according to the rubric.

Recipient Responsibilities
Each participant chosen will be expected to bring with him/her:

1. A one-page seminar paper describing a personally attempted instructional innovation (successful or unsuccessful);
2. A one-page seminar paper describing a problem in instruction for which he/she has not found a solution;
3. Any single teaching strategy or device (homemade or commercial) which has enhanced his/her teaching effectiveness;
4. One copy of his/her college catalog; and
5. One copy of the book that has had the strongest influence on his/her attitude toward teaching.

Traditionally this seminar has been held the last week of June through the first week of July. Check the West Virginia Great Teachers' Seminar site for details regarding dates and times and registration.

Purpose & History

The Seminar
For one week each summer, the West Virginia Faculty Development Network sponsors the West Virginia Great Teachers' Seminar. The seminar focuses on innovations and problems of instruction on the college and university level. The seminar is not so much an assembly of great teachers as it is a group of dedicated educators in search of the great teachers within themselves.

The Purpose

  • To celebrate good teaching.
  • To challenge educators to venture beyond limits of their own specializations and environments in search of transferable ideas and the universals of teaching. 
  • To promote an attitude of introspection and self-appraisal by providing a relaxed setting and straightforward process whereby participants can seriously review and contemplate their attitudes, methods, and behaviors as teachers.
  • To practice analysis of nation-wide instructional problems and to develop realistic and creative approaches to their solutions.
  • To stimulate the exchange of information and ideas by building and expanding a state-wide communication network among teachers in higher education.

The Site
The seminar will be held at North Bend State Park Lodge in Cairo, West Virginia.  For further information please click here.