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Grants: RSEED Grant

RSEED Grant Submissions

Please submit your application for the RSEED Grant as a PDF or Word attachment to the link below.


RSEED: Regional Service and Engagement/Economic Development

Grant Eligibility
The RSEED grant is available only to full-time faculty members of Fairmont State University who have not received a grant through this program within the past three years.

A total of $1815 is available.

Application Process

Proposal Objectives
Applicants are encouraged to work with a community partner to design activities, projects, or programs which will contribute to their own professional development, benefit their students, enhance the educational, economic, and cultural well-being of our region, and implement of the mission of the institution.

Applicants should submit a two page proposal plus a budget page using the submission box to the left.

Proposal Format
Proposals by applicants should include the following:

  • A precise description of the nature and purpose of the project with the supporting materials;
  • Supporting materials about the project (brochures, press releases) applicant’s previous achievements and funding;
  • A concrete explanation of the specific benefits that the faculty member students, university, and/or community will derive from the proposed activity;
  • A calendar of the activities in which the faculty member will engage, including a proposed date of completion;
  • A letter from the Dean or Chair indicating that the proposal has been discussed and that possible ramifications for the school have been considered;
  • A one-page detailed budget.

Application Deadline
February 17, 2012

Selection Criteria
The Faculty Development Committee will notify each applicant when the proposal is received by the committee. The Faculty Development Committee will consider each proposal carefully, per the rubric posted on the Center for Teaching Excellence, and forward a recommendation to the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs and to the President of Fairmont State University. The award is announced during the spring semester.

Recipient Responsibilities
The project must be that described in the proposal and normally must occur during the period specified in the proposal. In some situations, such as with research projects, the result of the project may be reported beyond the academic year; however, funding guidelines must be followed.

Grant awards must be spent during the fiscal year beginning the following July and ending one year later. (Grants announced in the spring of 2012 will receive funding July 1, 2012; and expenditures must be complete before June 30, 2013).

A mid-year progress report is to be submitted to the committee by December 15 and a final report by May 15 of the year following the announcement of the award.

The report should specifically explain the accomplishments of the project and its benefit to the recipient, students, institution, and community. The report must include a detailed accounting of the expenditures of the funds.

After reports are submitted to the committee chair, they are forwarded to the President, Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs. The recipient may be called upon to make presentations relative to the activity for which funding was received.

Purpose & History
The Regional Service and Engagement/Economic Development Grant was created to encourage regional service and engagement and/or economic development as part of the Strategic Plan for Fairmont State. Specifically, this grant program was designed to target Strategic Goal 2: Cultivate and strengthen the educational, economic, and cultural well-being of our region; and Goal 7: Develop, retain, and recruit high quality people who contribute to a satisfying and productive work environment.