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Fairmont State University Faculty Awards and Faculty Grant 2023-2024: Faculty Awards

Faculty Development Committee

     Comprised of faculty representing each college of Fairmont State University, the Faculty Development Committee oversees the distribution of faculty grants and awards. The committee's charge is to publicize and solicit nominations for Faculty Development grants and awards and to select the recipients for final approval by the president of the institution.

     Below are the various teaching awards and the eligibility guidelines.


William A. Boram Award

William A. Boram      This award is named for Professor William A. Boram, a faculty member who served as Vice President of Academic Affairs in the 1970s and was recognized by his colleagues as an energetic and cheerful supporter of faculty in their work of teaching, scholarship, and service.  The award is intended to recognize and honor outstanding achievements, unusual dedication, or accomplishments in teaching by full-time faculty at Fairmont State University.  The Boram Award is the University's most prestigious award for teaching.

Innovation in Teaching Award

     This award is intended to honor or encourage outstanding, innovative, or otherwise distinctive teaching by faculty at Fairmont State University. 

Faculty Recognition Award

     The Faculty Recognition Award was established by the Faculty Senate to recognize faculty for their achievements and their outstanding contributions to students, colleagues, the institution, and the community, including creative endeavors, and other notable service achievements. Recipients are encouraged to display material connected to their work and accomplishments in a display case in the library. 

Excellence in Online Teaching Award

        This award was established in 2021 when the Faculty Development Committee took the suggestion from Fairmont State faculty. This award is intended to honor faculty who show excellence in design, application, student engagement, student success in virtual course facilitation. 

Outstanding Adjunct Award

     This award is intended honor excellence in adjunct teaching faculty and to encourage adjunct faculty's continuing efforts to excel.

Award for Excellence in Academic Advising

     The Award for Excellence in Academic Advising was established in the early 1990s when Dr. Robert Dillman, the President of Fairmont State College, began to centralize advising under Dr. Ann V. Shaver.  This award is intended to honor excellence in academic advising. Nominees are selected by the Advising Council.