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Citation Guide: Articles from Print Periodicals

A guide to citing your sources

Basic for Journal Articles

Basic format:

Author, A. A., & Author, B. B. (Year). Title of article. Title of periodical, volume number (issue number if available),

Academic Search Complete

Decker, M J, Tabassum, H., Lin, J-MS, & Reeves, W C (Oct 6, 2009). Electroencephalographic correlates of Chronic Fatigue
    Syndrome. Behavioral and Brain Functions, 5, 43.


Doyle, A., & Wilkinson, D. (2008). Day case general anaesthesia in a patient with narcolepsy. Anaesthesia, 63(8),

ProQuest Central

Koul, R., Al-Othmani, F., Alfutaisi, A., Alabri, M., & Alzakwani, I.. (2009). Narcolepsy-cataplexy in children: Report of
    two cases. Journal of Pediatric Neurology, 7(4), 389-391.

HW Wilson

Billows, M., Gradisar, M., Dohnt, H., Johnston, A., McCappin, S., & Hudson, J. (2009). Family Disorganization, Sleep
    Hygiene, and Adolescent Sleep Disturbance. Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology, 38(5), 745-52.

Other Periodical Articles

Magazine article

Sanders, L. (2009). Sleep gone awry. Science News, 176(9), 24-7.

Newspaper article

Holman W. Jenkins, & Jr.. (2010, January 6). The Future on TV. Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition), p. A.11.


Hughes, J. (2006, May 3). In the age of the Internet, newspapers are still big business [Editoral]. Christian science
, p. 9.