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Citation Guide: Avoiding Plagiarism

A guide to citing your sources


Consult these resources for more info:

Tips & Hints

Keep Track of Your Sources
As you search across library databases, ebooks and other resources, save materials you plan to use. Print them out or save them electronically. If using print materials, use index cards or bookmarks so you can relocate the information you plan to use.

Take Good Notes
Keep a list of all the sources (including page numbers or URLs) you gathered. Mark the section(s) of sources your will using.

Ask Your Professor
If you have a question about integrating sources into your paper, ask your professor. Librarians are also available to help you - here are all the ways you can contact us.

Don't Procrastinate
Plan ahead! Do not wait until the last minute, as this will lead to sloppy work. Stay organized.

Quoting, Summarizing, & Paraphrasing

Whether you are paraphrasing, quoting or summarizing someone else's work, make sure you cite it! Wondering what the difference is between paraphrasing, quoting and summarizing? Here are some great examples and explanations: