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Citation Guide: Campus Policies

A guide to citing your sources

Campus Policies

All students and faculty members are urged to share in the responsibility for removing every situation which might permit or encourage academic dishonesty. Cheating in any form, including plagiarism, must be considered a matter of the gravest concern. Cheating is defined here as:

  • the obtaining of information during an examination;
  • the unauthorized use of books, notes, or other sources of information prior to or during an examination;
  • the removal of faculty examination materials;
  • the alteration of documents or records; or
  • actions identifiable as occurring with the intent to defraud or use under false pretense.

Plagiarism is defined here as the submission of the ideas, words (written or oral), or artistic productions of another, falsely represented as one's original effort or without giving due credit. Students and faculty should examine proper citation forms to avoid inadvertent plagiarism.

More information can be found in the Fairmont State Student Handbook and the Pierpont Student Handbook.