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The Wildlife of Wonderful West Virginia: The Dragonfly

These photos by Cynthia Staley feature some of the most beautiful creatures the Mountain State has to offer.

The Dragonfly



The Dragonfly’s Lore

There are several superstitions and lore associated with dragonflies. In some cultures they are good luck, so one is to make a wish when seeing one. To others, dragonflies mean change, or a group of dragonflies over a certain area of a pond are supposed to indicate good fishing in that area. To some, dragonflies mean rain, and depending upon how high or low they fly determines what kind of rain it will be. The dragonfly shows up in the pottery and jewelry of the Navajo and Zuni nations. They are known for being carnivorous, so it is no surprise that they feed on another water-born insects.  For this reason, they are known as mosquito-hawks. Last, but certainly not least, if a dragonfly hovers around one, they are weighing the soul, in order to pass judgement.